Big Wonderful

Action Figures draw influences from a number sources, ranging from Big Star to Dramarama, that shine through on their BIG WONDERFUL debut album. Comprised of Twelve topical-edged originals and a somnambulate version of Snip's NINE O'CLOCK, BIG WONDERFUL leads you through a stratified emotional inventory and dumps you at the beach.

little citizens

The late 80s indie guitar scene is back!!! Remember when the college radio waves were inundated with guitar oriented pop out of theR.E.M. school,

Well, apparently so do Washington D.C.'s Action Figures, as aptly demonstrated on their second album, Little Citizens

lauraville the EP

The lauraville EP contains two previously unreleased original rockers, See-Saw Park and Guilty Gene. Also on this disk is Action Figures contribution to eggBERT Records MelodyFair compilation, Whisper, Whisper. A creative interpretation of the Snip's Nine o' clock from Action Figures first disk, Big Wonderful, nicely rounds out the collection.

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