The Bent Backed Tulips

Looking Through ...

1988 was a pivotal year for "the boys" (as they where known in my household and many other households across the land). They had spent much of the summer regrouping after the less than stellar reception that greeted their second album. Following a break-up and a breakdown, their leader returned to the fold with his pockets stuffed with songs. Shortly thereafter the group signed to a quasi-major label (Hindsight's still 20/20!) and released what would be one of their finest albums. Unfortunately the world would only get to hear half of the story. That year the band had recorded enough material for three albums, which was sadly far too much output for their new label to handle. The group did license a portion of the remaining tracks to a French record label who released the compilation in a limited edition, copies of which are still sought after by collectors. With the exception of a couple of these numbers which the lucky few may have heard in one of their rare inclusions in a live set, the balance of the songs that make up this album have been gathering dust for years. Some of the tracks take the form of stark acoustic ballads while others are full-blown masterpieces. Raw and brash with a volatile combination of youthful exuberance and world weary cynicism, this record is a chronicle of some of 'the boys" finest hours. A monument to what could have been. - Greg Dwinnell

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  1. I Don't Know Why
  2. I Think
  3. Bennies Go Home
  4. Come (to Meet Me)
  5. Tie Me Down
  6. On the Streets
  7. She's Got A Right
  8. Real Easy
  9. Long Long Gone
  10. Ooh La la
  1. Another Day Away
  2. Sweet Young Thing
  3. Catastrophy
  4. Crawling
  5. Here You Are
  6. Convenience Store
  7. Maraschino Lies
  8. TV-Made-Movie
  9. Sun Eye
  10. Too Late
Produced By Carter/Easdale
Executive Producer: Greg Dwinnell
Engineered By Virgil Gentile
Mastered By Bill Lightner at Kdisc
Design By Jim "Eno" Roe forpopSMEAR

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