Listen & Learn With Vibro-Phonic

The all-new Vibro-Phonic label offers obscurity by the bucket load. Their debut compilation brings together strange items like actress Ann Magnuson's take on Bowie's Moonage Daydream, a Fleerekkers-syled version of the Bee Gees, Massachusetts by the Insect Surfers and former Posies members masquerading as Tube Top. In the midst of such ecletic fare the truy fantastic Wondermints produce spirited Brian Wilsonised pop on Rejected Beer Ad No. 1. And from ther it gets yet odder. Kristian Hoffman does The Small Faces gone psychedelic and the singularity-named Andrew has his exotic Dream About You, a dead ringer for his idols The Left Banke with a touch of Love thrown in, sweetly bowed into life. The perfrect antidote, then, to anyone thinking that big buisness mergers were about circumnavigate new music.

Dave Henderson


Listen & Learn With Vibro-Phonic

Los Angeles' indie label, Vibro-Phonic, takes eclecticism, lounge and '60s West Coast pop as its cornerstones. This features cuts by 14 obscure acts. The Last's Perfect World is perfect paisley psychedelia. Kristian Hoffman pretends he's a flower-powered Donavan, while Ann Magnuson gives Bowie's Monnage daydream a revamp before launching into a perforamnce-art slice of Bowie worship- reaching a loud orgasm in the process. Great fun.

Martin Aston

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