Mike Randle
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-----As co-founder/singer/songwriter/guitarist (along with Rusty Squeezebox) of BABY LEMONADE, one of California’s coolest and busiest bands, MIKE RANDLE has recorded a number of albums, EPs and singles, and played live in virtually every major city in the US and Europe (including a celebrated stint as “Love” backing the legendary Arthur Lee!).
-----MIKE RANDLE’s first solo album “MY MUSIC LOVES YOU (even if i don’t)” is a slight departure from the feedback soaked voltage of Baby Lemonade. The lead vocals and harmonies are as sweet and pure as ever, but on “MY MUSIC LOVES YOU” they’re more likely to be framed by acoustic guitar, piano and organ, strings and horns, with the odd banjo, mandolin, accordion, sitar, and mellotron in the mix.
-----Randle understands that songwriting is a craft, and with the help of Producer and Arranger ERIC CARTER (Box The Walls, Leah Andreone) “MY MUSIC LOVES YOU” has an exciting freshness that still rings with the familiarity of classic, The music is a jazzy, loungy, garagy, folky, rock that hints at influences as disparate as Bacharach, Fleetwood Mac, Prince and the Ramones. The album lyrics shine with odes to Stockholm (“Flat By The Sea”), Tom Waits keyboard player (“Danny McGough”), ex-girlfriends (“Wrote This Just For You”) and a Spanish riot grrrl (“Ingrid”). And the title track is so silky smooth the Artist Formerly Known As might mistake it for one of his own.
-----With packaging that mirrors “Death Of A Ladies Man” , Leonard Cohen’s infamous collaboration with Phil Spector, “MY MUSIC LOVES YOU” is MIKE RANDLE’s showcase of his staggering talents.
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  1. In my Heart
  2. Day In The Sun
  3. Danny McGough
  4. Flat by The Sea
  5. Island View Inn
  6. Ingrid
  7. Wrote This Just For you
  8. Out Of My League
  9. Desert Waiting For The Rain
  10. My Music Loves You
  11. Summer Solstice Sky

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