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  1. non credo traces of ether
  2. the last perfect world
  3. the jigsaw seen another predictable song
  4. ann magnuson moonage daydream
  5. insect surfers massachusetts
  6. wondermints rejected beer ad #1
  7. tube top keep it a secret
  8. the jupiter affect suicide samba
  9. kristian hoffman green circles
  10. united states of existence 1.s.e.3
  11. wednesday week just my size
  12. drool bros. halloweenish
  13. andrew dream about you
  14. skooshny the water song
  15. non credo traces of ether (reprise)

Paying homage to Warner Bros. records' classic "loss leaders' series, Vibro-phonic recordings presents their debut compact disc release (the first in a new distribution arrangement with eggBERT records).The collection features rarities, b-sides and previously unreleased tracks from some of today's brightest stars.

Highlights include:

moonage daydream - Ex-Bongwater vocalist/cracked actress ann magnuson wraps herself around this Bowie classic, bringing it to an orgasmic conclusion. Freak out!

rejected beer ad #1 - Next on tap, the wondermints take a break from the Brian Wilson tour to try their hand as corporate pitchman. Chug-a-lug.

another predictable song - the jigsaw seen rip a page from the Creation book of tricks with bowed guitars and a heavy freakbeat. How does it feel?

perfect world - Los Angeles underground legends the last deliver a cut and paste melody melded to a lo-fi Spector-esque production. To hear it is to love it!

With additional tracks by indie faves the jupiter affect, wednesday week, skooshny and more, listening and learning never seemed so fun!

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