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From the Garage
Even the most successful rock bands often come from humble beginnings, preparing for gigs at local high schools and bars in their parents’ basement or garage. In fact, so many successful bands came from garage practice settings that a new genre of music was created: garage rock. If you are considering starting your own garage band, learning about some of the most popular bands to get their start the same way could provide you with the inspiration you need to make your rock star dreams come true.
The Crowd Scene Home Page
The Crowd Scene are one of the brighter examples of British pop today, and their debut album, Turn Left At Greenland shows off all sides of this diverse band.
Anton Barbeau
He's a singer/songwriter of the "intelligent, fractured pop" variety, and he's written catchy songs about bananas, tables, small people, flowers, fundamentalism, leather chairs, other peoples' girlfriends, and Helen Mirren.
The Loud Family Home Page
Scott Miller is the most criminally unknown songwriter/performer/all around Rock Genius in America today. --Jay Schwartz, The Bob
Round Flat Records
Punk , Ska, Indie, Metal, Alternative, Industrial and Everything in between. Secure order form! Over 9000 titles Online!
Continental Drifters
Rolling Stone's 1994 critics poll named Continental Drifters one of the USA's top two unsigned bands because of the group's music, not the members' past credits. Continental Drifters perform the Hollies song "I Can't Let Go" on eggBERT's Sing Hollies In Reverse.
Not Lame Recording Company
Not Lame was established for the open-minded pop fan looking to hear more of the music we love. The music from the catalog and on the Not Lame label is fashioned to appeal to the power pop fan first and foremost.
The Ultimate band List
A mega list of bands. Add the info for your band!
Add you own band link with graphics and comments. Then vote on your favorite band .
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Where? Who knows! It could be Zsa Zsa Gabores favorite tea list or perhaps an Unofficial Home Page dedicated to you by a secret admirer.
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