---Crawling out from the basement of a record store in Wayne, NJ, Dramarama spent 12 years touring the U.S. and Europe, recorded five studio albums, a live EP, countless B-sides, and even one "secret" album. Perhaps best known for their hit "Anything Anything (I'll Give You...)," the band has been a mainstay at alternative stations across the country.
---They eventually called a halt to the proceedings; but were coaxed back onto the stage by VH1's "Bands Reunited." That "one night only" transmutated into a series of tour dates around the country and the recording of a new album, "everybody dies," which continues the tradition of excellence fans have come to expect from Dramarama.
---ON THE ALBUM - "everybody dies" What do you do when your best friend...more like a brother than any brother... is dying? Of course you care for him, you cry for him... And if you're John Easdale, you write him a song.
---That song, "Everybody Dies" along with other new Dramarama tracks, originally started out as part of the next Easdale solo project, but some plans are meant to be changed. After having 15,000 screaming, sweat-drenched fans sing along during their performance at a concert for L.A. radio giant KROQ (where Dramarama's signature tune, "Anything Anything" is the #1 most requested song EVER,) original Dramarama members Easdale, Peter Wood and Mark (Mr. E Boy) Englert didn't need any more convincing--Dramarama, the name, and the band, would go on.
---Now, Dramarama has gone back into the studio and emerged with a new album, "everybody dies," continuing their quest to better the world with their music. Okay, well, at least to have fun and create more intense, intelligent, incredible rock & roll. To quote "Everybody Dies": "That's just how great it is."

The Bottle And The Bell Try 5 Times
Everybody Dies Dropping The Curtains
Good Night, America The Company
When did You Leave Heaven? Gotta Get Up
Physical Poetry (A-B-C-D-1-2-3) King For A Day
I Will Try

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