--John Easdale
Bright Side


call me dave rollerskating on rattlesnakes
bright side ecstatic
13th summer day (it's been a) couple of years
waiting (for that sound) just because
drown don't ask me
breaking things piss take

© johnE! music co. (BMI)

Produced by John Easdale
Chief Advisor: Greg Dwinnell

---Listen up! For his first solo album, Bright Side, John Easdale has crafted a powerful, passionate piece...a searing self-portrait...a gripping, groovy gas of a record...hot, cool, fast, slow, funny, bitter and, most of all, honest.
---Easdale, called "one of the finest singer/songwriters of these times" by The Los Angeles Times, was the leader of alterna-rock pioneers DRAMARAMA, who released five LPs and numerous live collections, EPs, compilation tracks and rarities packages. DRAMARAMA's classic Easdale-penned singles "Anything, Anything," "Last Cigarette," "Haven’t Got A Clue"and "Work For Food" set the standard for guitar-driven radio in the 90s. Most of these songs still spin daily nationwide, and the searing modern Rock anthem, "Anything, Anything," was just voted "#1 Song Of All Time" by listeners of the "world famous" KROQ in Los Angeles.
---Since the self-inflicted demise of DRAMARAMA, John has spent the past few years writing and editing for a host of music publications, producing ex-Sex Pistol John Lydon’s nationally syndicated "Rotten Day" radio show, and enjoying the life of a family man. After a year’s sabbatical, John resumed composing and performing, and following a particularly prolific period of output this year he's decided to "unleash" his solo work on the unsuspecting public.
---Easdale handled the lions share of the instrumentation on the album, making Bright Side a solo album in the true sense of the word. Some familiar guests and old cronies did drop by to lend a hand, including longtime musical partner and DRAMARAMA co-founder Mark Englert (aka Mr. E. Boy), as well as John's "favorite drummer in the world," Mr. Clem Burke (Blondie, Eurythmics, Iggy Pop).
---Blistering new rockers like "Breaking Things" (written after a torrid rage – a possible sequel to "Anything, Anything"!), "Rollerskating On Rattlesnakes" and "Waiting (For That Sound)" will quickly put to rest any fears of John mellowing through domesticity. As he proved time and again with his last band, Easdale is capable of writing songs that touch a nerve through a combination of passionate, personal lyrics, shimmering melodies and honest-to-God hooks!
---All in all, Bright Side is an album of amazing strength and versatility. From the opening strains of "Call Me Dave" (a twisted-pop lover's lament) to the fadeout at the end of "Piss Take," Easdale has delivered a modern-day miracle; a work of epic proportions in a handy, easy-to-use, portable package; perfect for daytime or nighttime listening.

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