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Weather Song
Circus Act
Walking Round The World's Fair
Home Again
Stupid People
Global Village Idiot
Permanent One
Crush Me
She Needs Me
the Crowd Scene

Produced by Tony Perretta & The Crowd Scene
Engineered by Tony Perretta
Recorded at YB Studios, London

Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboards Anne Rogers
Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Mouth Organ, Crockery Grahame Davies
Keyboards Tony Perretta
Guitar Paul Williams
Drums Michael Frangou
Jim Kimberly
John Roberts
Tube Central Line, Holborn

Anne Rogers, raised on a diet of The Beatles and the Kinks, Elvis Costello and The Pretenders, dreamed of playing The Marquee Club and sauntering down the Charing Cross Road ...

Grahame Davies obsessed about playing CBGB's and stepping over bums on the Lower East Side; he cut his teeth on Big Star and Television, The dB's and the Left Banke ...

Resourceful girl that she is , Anne moved to London and started a band --The Crowd Scene -- with a like-minded soul she met there called Grahame. What they had in common was a belief that the song was all. Loud guitars, lots of vocals, over-arrangement. They could see the way forward for music.

Slowly, they started to record the songs they were writing; though they each write separately, the finished recordings have the fingerprints of both all over them. The way their voices work together is unmistakable.

After living in London for a few years, Anne managed to attain her dream: she played the Marquee, and spent plenty of time on the Charing Cross Road ...

Now It's Grahame's Turn ...

A few months ago they decided to move to the States, where luck was a lady and they met the good folks at eggBERT Records, who heard the recordings and flipped ...

Hence TURN LEFT AT GREENLAND -- and 11 song album that show that the art of songwriting still know the way from England to America.

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