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Venus On Top Of The World
Who Shot Flair Harper Down
All Under You
Frau Paulina
Sun World

Rob Lohayza - Vocals, Guitars
Curt Carson - Lead Guitar
Bryan Blume - Bass, Backing Vox
Sherri McGee - Drums, Backing Vox

All that Rob Lohayza wanted to do was put some of his new songs down on tape. So the former frontman of Target 13 and Medicine Man called on some good friends and crack players like Pat Gallagher (Room To Roam, Medicine Man) and Craig Ballam (John Easdale Group, Shiver) to help with the task.

Lohayza (pronounced Low-High-Za) realized in mid-recording that this batch of songs was too vital to just throw on the demo pile...he'd need a band!

So Rob recruited fellow Southern Californians Curt Carson (The Dahlias, Loaded) and Bryan Blume (Room To Roam) on lead guitar and bass, respectively. With the addition of the multi-talents and many personalities of transplanted Kentuckian drummer Sherri McGee (Velvet Elvis, Loaded, Blue Bonnets), CHARLEY was a band!

It probably shouldn't be a surprise that Charley's biological makeup mirrors that of the Velvet Underground. Lou Reed and the Warhol Factory scene are the big influence on Charley, which will be evident to anyone who hears the first single from Slugger, the Velvets-soaked "Who Shot Flair Harper Down?" - A chronicle of the mysterious death of a troubled model/actress in the 60's...Hmmmm?

Those attracted to the Lo-Fi, Indie-Ethos of bands like Guided By Voices, Pavements and Superchunk can take comfort in the blurry sonic melodies of Slugger. Though Rob Lohayza would be quick to point out that he finds his true inspiration in the music of artists like the Beatles, Dylan and The Stones, rather than college charts.

The buzz is on in Hollywood after a summer of blistering live performances. With the release of Slugger, Charley makes it's bid for national pastime status.

All songs by Rob Lohayza
Produced & Engineered By Craig Ballum
A&R John Easdale
Studio Assistance Monte & Super Dave Malone
Mastered By John Matousek at Masterworks
Art Direction Greg Dwinnell, Rob Lohayza & Eno
Layout & Design Jim "Eno" Roe

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