1. Title Song
  2. Unrequited Life
  3. Carousel
  4. Wondering
  5. Dream About You
  6. Here, Hear
  7. What I Need
  8. What Do You See In Me
  9. Forget You Girl
  10. The End Of The Road
  11. Can't Go On This Way
  12. Goodbye Today
  13. Please Remember Me
  14. The Man Who Would Be King

an album by andrew

Vibro-phonic Recordings proudly presents the release of A Beautiful Story, the debut album by andrew. A 14-track song cycle that boasts real orchestral accormpaniernent, this album plays like an A-Z of classic pop music.

A Beautiful Story is a sonic tour de force taking its stylistic cues from the ZOMBIES' Odessey & Oracle, the BEACH BOYS' Pet Sounds and early NILSSON. The project was masterminded by singer/songwriter ANDREW SANDOVAL (well known for his work in the reissue field on such catalogs as the Beach Boys/Monkees/the Band) whose unique take on life and love features everything from harpsichords to harmoniums, cellos to Chamberlins.

Moreover, A Beautiful Story hosts enough added talent to cause a rewrite of the All Music Guide. The albums diverse supporting cast includes JON BRION (Fiona Apple/Aimee Mann), RIC MENCK (Matthew Sweet/Velvet Crush/Shoes/Stephen Duffy), PETER HOLSAPPLE (REM/dB's/Continental Drifters), JOHN CONVERTINO (Giant Sand/Calexico/F(iends of Dean Martinez), KRISTIAN HOFFMAN (Mumps/Klaus Nomi), DANNY BENAIR (Three O'Clock/Guick), PROBYN GREGORY (the eels/B(ion Wilson/Wondermints) and DAN SCHWARTZ (Sheryl Crow). Album production is courtesy of Sandoval and BRIAN KEHEW (Air/The Moog Cookbook), with additional engineering by TCHAD BLAKE (Elvis Costello/Los Lobos/Paul McCartney) and arrangements from noted TV and film composer ROGER NEILL (Air/Mike Post).
About the author:
Andrew Sandoval was born in Santa Monica, California. For the last 28 years he has lived, loved and laughed in Los Angeles. He is a happy husband and the proud father of a car. Sandoval's previous works have included a vinyl single and an extended play compact disc. This is his debut long player. Of this album he says, "A beautiful woman once told me that, in music, horns are happy and strings are sad. On this set you will hear far more strings than horns. However, I have found that it is the strings in life that make you appreciate the horns when you find them."
All Songs Written ByAndrew Sandoval
Engineered By Brian Kehew and
Tchad Blake
Digital Editing By Joe Berardi at ZauberKlang
Mastered By Dan Hersch at DigiPrep

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